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Debit/Credit cards

We accept all major cards with no premium.

Bank transfer

Our bank details are on the bottom of each invoice and sales order. These are the only forms of information on accounts, we will never email you to change a bank account.

Cheques & cash

We continue to take the above but much prefer you use electronic methods as our nearest branch is now a 30 minutes drive away.

Part exchange

We are happy to take other fine scale manufacturer's models in part exchange but do remember that they will be worth a lot less than what you paid.

Lay by

We offer a service where we will hold a stock model for you and you make payments towards it, the model is held in your name and delivered once the final payment is made.

This is not a credit agreement and no interest will be charged, all that we ask is that you take no more than 6 months to complete the transaction .


On new models we ask for 3 stage payments

  • 1) £500 when we commissioned production, this is fully refundable until stage 2
  • 2) £1000 when production commences, at this stage your contract is made and your deposits will be held should you cancel. We will endeavour to sell your loco, once manufactured. When we do so your deposits will be returned (an administration charge may be levied at our discretion, depending upon the circumstances)
  • 3)The balance of your order when the loco is in the UK and ready to ship to yourselves.