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Welcome to 55H

Welcome to 55H

The new name is brass O gauge ready to run models. Our locomotives are designed for modellers who require quality, durability, accuracy and performance.


Or contact me on 0783606465

News update June 2024 following our factory visit

Visit our news section for pictures of the Std 5 production, and the Std 4 listing for pictures of the 2-6-0 prototype

The 55H name has been chosen to differentiate from our other models previously made in the San-Cheng factory in China. After 15 years of supply we have now sold the last FSB model and have retired the Finescalebrass web site. We no longer have any spares or parts for these models.


We have sourced a number of factory fresh models, all of which were thought to be previously sold out. There are some real gems there and to reflect their scarcity they are listed in "Rocking Horse" corner. Its well worth a look :-) There is the last LNER1000 Hush Hush, when it's gone that's it!


We have commissioned a limited re-run of the sold out Britannia models there will be 5 versions and 5 models of each version

  • 70000 Britannia late crest
  • 70004 William Shakespeare early crest
  • 70013 Oliver Cromwell late crest
  • 70018 Flying Dutchman late crest
  • 70044 Earl Haig late crest

8P "Duke of Gloucester" SOLD OUT

BR 5MT & 4MT Coming in 2024 Updated pictures now with the loco listing

we have finished the sample with a matt smokebox and cab roof this will be a free of charge if ordered before production.

BR standard 5 - all tenders, 4 versions

  • Lined black
  • Lined green
  • Lined black Caprotti valve gear
  • Lined black southern region named

BR standard 4 4-6-0 all tenders

  • Lined black single & double chimney
  • Lined green single & double chimney

BR standard 4 2-6-0 all tenders

  • Lined black single chimney

The pre-order price is £2750.00 no money to pay until the new samples signed off, no penalty for cancellation before that date.

These prices still compare favorably with other Korean and Chinese models being produced in brass for the UK market.

The models are built to the highest standard by SAM models in Korea.

It goes without saying, they are extensively researched using original building drawings, consultation with relevant engineers and societies, hundreds of photographs from books, our own collection and the collections of others.
They are as good as we can make then without adding the hype of "museum" quality, "limited edition " and "the best ever". We aim to build something that looks right, runs straight out of the box, pulls a reasonable load and is value for money.

We continuously striving for improvement and can now announce our new


See our news section for information about our exciting "Synchrosmoke" project.


In all our new locos we use a Faulhaber coreless motor, these are top of the range motors being both powerful and reliable. However when used with older DC controllers running at slow speeds may produce a conflict between the motor and the controller resulting in a slight jerking. The locos runs fine. when more power is applied. Newer controllers from Morley & Helmsman and later Gaugemaster provide the correct supply. However the only one of these that produces a 5amp controller (which we recommend) is Helmsman.


See our 9F 92220, Evening Star, fitted with DCC sound, synchronised smoke and working lights, earning a living on this fabulous show layout, coming to a location near you soon! There is a montage of various diesel workings at the end it gives you some idea as to how big this layout is.

9F 2-10-0 'Evening Star' heads light engine through the junction on a test movement

Our policy

We differ from other manufactures in a number of key areas.

We are not trying to be all things to all men, we focus on one project at a time and give that 100% of our effort. Many eyebrows were raised when 4 RTR 9F's were announced in 2015, ours was the first one to arrive, we are still waiting for 2 of the others, and ours has been so successful we have had to produce a 2nd batch of 5 variations, All now sold out.

We fund our own projects, the deposits we ask for is to ensure that we have a viable project, there is serious money involved before we even see a prototype and once we commit to production, of a specific name or number for you, we need your commitment as well.

We only ask for a deposit once we have placed an order on the factory for production, this initial deposit is fully refundable until actual production commences.

Our models are shipped into the UK DC only, we feel it is unfair to ask modellers who do not use DCC to pay for this function and it also allows us to tune the DCC to individual locomotives. We fit DCC & smoke here in the UK as well as carrying out our weathering service

Your privacy

We only ask for addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses to aid us in delivery and communication on orders placed.
We do not share them with other parties or use them for any form of marketing or analysis. You may request us to remove your details at anytime.